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ChemBio Finland is the most significant event for the chemistry and biotechnology professionals in the Nordic Countries and Baltic region. It gathers the most recent information of the industries together with distinguished professionals, companies and their decision makers. The event provides effective face to face encounters and creates a forum for both the academic world and the business world to meet.

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Chembio Finland presents:

Chemical industry • Organizations and science parks • Safety and risk management • Laboratory products • Process automation • Production management and equipment • Industrial machines and equipment • Chemicals, raw materials and other production supplies • Environment and Environmental analytics • Upkeep and maintenance • Biotechnology • Pharmaceutical development • Diagnostics • Research reagents and equipment • Biomaterials, Bioinformatics, Biofuels • Industrial biotechnology • Financing, legal issues, patenting, technology transfer • Agriculture/Food • Analytical, basic laboratory and clinical laboratory equipment • Laboratory fittings • Laboratory supplies and chemicals, Small-sized equipment for laboratories, Laboratory fittings • Standards and reference material • Computer programs for laboratorie • Planning, consulting and other services • Research and education • Other products and services

ChemBio Finland Fair is the the most effective and social medium, with the richest experiences

Fairs are a unique medium for bringing the spending power of all of your customers under a single roof and gain feedback on your products and services!

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